“Celebrity Gossip, Academic Style” is an attempt to reconcile my current research, a fascination with stars, and the impulse to alter the landscape of academic publishing.


My name is Anne Helen Petersen, and I received my Ph.D. from the University of Texas – Austin in the Department of Radio-Television-Film.  I arrived in Austin via an upbringing in Lewiston, Idaho, undergrad in bucolic Walla Walla, Washington at Whitman College, and a master’s degree from The University of Oregon.  I currently teach film and media studies at Whitman, which, as you can imagine, is totally awesome.  (Check out our beautiful website here).

I study and publish on star studies; my dissertation details, contextualizes, and analyzes the relationship between Hollywood industry, the production of stars, and celebrity gossip.  My best self writes for The Hairpin.  My first book, Scandals of Classic Hollywood, is forthcoming from Plume/Penguin in May 2014.

Email me at annehelenpetersen_at_gmail.com; Twitter at annehelen.


Selected writing:

Scandals of Classic HollywoodThe Hairpin

“The Rules of the Game: A Century of Hollywood Publicity,” Virginia Quarterly Review

There Are Things Of Which I May Not Speak,” The Toast

“The Hollywood Canteen,” Laptham’s Quarterly

“Decoding the Beyonce Tumblr,” Gawker 

“Me, You, and Star Trek: The Next Generation,” The Awl

Various fan magazine finds at Slate’s The Vault 

The “Remembering Lilith Fair” series at The Hairpin