Recent Pieces All Over the Place

I realized that while I’ve been doing a bunch of writing this summer, most of it hasn’t been on this blog.

Here, then, are some links to various things I’ve been working on, scattered in the four corners of the internet:

Media Studies Makeover” in the newly-launched, open-access Frames Journal

What We Talk About When We Talk About Brangelina” in In the Library with a Lead Pipe, an awesome open-access, peer-reviewed publication for hip librarians

Gossip Grrrl: Can Celebrity Gossip Ever Be Feminist?” in Bitch Magazine (this just links to the table of contents — but you can buy the back issue on that page, and if you’re really dying to read it, send me an email (my full name at gmail).

Various Scandals of Classic Hollywood over at The Hairpin:

Warren Beatty Thinks This Song is About Him

Dorothy Dandridge vs. The World

That Divine Gary Cooper

Marlene Dietrich, Femme Fatale

And finally, Bad News Brenda” (on bad influences) and Long Live the Working-Class Hunk (on Jeremy Renner and C-Tates) over at The Awl.


Would love to hear your thoughts…..


One Response to “Recent Pieces All Over the Place”

  1. gothbarbie says:

    I’m glad I found your blog! I read your Classic Hollywood Scandals over on The Hairpin (90% of what I go there to look at). Just thought I’d post to say I think you’re great and Thank You for providing me with your insight on the STARS!