Writer / PhD / Maker of Internet


My name is Annie, and I'm all of those things. In 2011, I completed a PhD at the University of Texas, where I wrote my dissertation on the history of the gossip industry. I spent several years teaching - at a hippy progressive school; at a liberal arts college - while side-hustling writing online. In 2014, I made that side-hustle my main-hustle, and now I write long things for BuzzFeed.

My first book, Scandals of Classic Hollywood comes out September 30th from Plume/Penguin Press. Based on my column for The Hairpin, only with 98.7% all-new scandal. 

Likes: Idaho, Oscar Isaac, Campari

Dislikes: Bros, Olives, Jimmy Stewart


This is me.

You can find me on Twitter, on Facebook, or in my most recent work for BuzzFeed.

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This is Clara Bow.

She's one of my favorites and also one of the stars of my book, Scandals of Classic Hollywood

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